Thursday, August 28, 2008

Manly Man Cooking With Mr. M

Hubby just loves our food dehydrator. I have used it several times, but hubby seems to really get a kick out of using it. I guess it's his manly man kitchen toy. *grin*

Tonight he was in the dehydrating mood, so he took out a package of bacon and decided to make bacon jerky. We have 5 trays total on our dehydrator, but since he was "experimenting" he only layered bacon in 3 of the trays. If he is doing other types of meat he seasons it with his own concoctions and spices, but he decided to leave the bacon as is.

Once the trays were filled, he placed the lid on leaving the vents open fully & plugged it in. By morning he should have bacon jerky ready and waiting for him. The kitchen smells so yummy I must admit. I can't wait to try a piece myself.

**DISCLAIMER** It's morning time and the jerky is now ready to consume. So, Hubby wanted me to add a disclaimer to his jerky experiment for those that may want to try it, (in his owns words)..."This is soooo good but...there's no way it's good for you...but it's so good!" He said this as he was taking a bite and his eyes were batting as if he were in Heaven. *grin* He's such a silly man.

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