Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snacking For Less

Last night I made one of my most favorite, inexpensive snacks that I love to eat. This snack was actually something my Mother made for me when I was a young child growing up and boy do I still love it. What is this fun fare that I enjoy so much?

A bread, butter and sugar sandwich!

If you have never tried one before, give it a whirl. You never know, it just might become your favorite too. All you do is take a piece of bread and spread as much butter on it as you like then sprinkle sugar on top. Fold your bread in half and voila! instant desert.


Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

This is a new one on me...but darnit, Im gonna give it a whirl!

cranky grandma said...

We grew up on that! We used to call it "butternsugarnbread"! My kids love it now too!

Grammy Blick said...

No, not new. And, if the texture of the sugar is offputting, just cream the sugar and butter together for just a bit. MMMMM, it's icing on the cake! Ooops, I meant bread!. Try that on warm bread just out of the oven -- or old bread warmed a bit in a pan. Guaranteed to comfort the best sweet tooth.

Weight Loss Tips said...

I haven't had this since I was a kid and grandma with fresh bread out of the oven would make for all us kids, yummy!