Monday, October 29, 2012

Homemade Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky, but it's so expensive to buy the really good, I'm not referring to the Slim Jim type stuff, but the good old fashioned jerky you get at the meat market.So instead, I make my own. This way, I can season it to my liking as well as save money. The batch I made this weekend only cost me $2.41, as I bought a good piece of meat that was in the clearance section of Kroger. The expiration date was 4 days from the date I purchased it, so there was nothing wrong with it. After a little seasoning and several hours of dehydrating, we have a fresh batch of jerky.
Start with an inexpensive cut of beef...season as desired. Let the dehydrator do the rest.

2/3rds the way into dehydrating (about 8-10 hrs depending on the thickness of the meat), cut into bite size pieces and place back on the dehydrator. 
Viola! Homemade beef jerky. Store in an airtight container.


Lose Your said...

How long can you store do you think?

Dixie Lee's Mama said...

normally jerky doesn't stay in our house long, so I can't give you an experienced really long term time frame...the longest I have had it in a tupperware style airtight container was about a week and a half.