Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Texas Tea

Do you like iced tea? I sure do, but the thing I dreaded the most was waiting for the pot of water to boil on the stove so I could boil my tea bags. It seemed like the old saying was never more true than when I made tea...."A watched pot never boils!" It seemed like it took forever.

So I looked over one day at the coffee pot sitting there and thought to myself, "shall I dare try it!?!" I dared and have never looked back since. Mr. Coffee has a new job around our house.

Evening Shade Morning Latte's Sweet Tea

Take 1 large family size tea bag, (I use Tetley or Luzianne but any tea brand of your choice will work), and place the bag into the coffee filter receptacle.

Fill coffee carafe with water, as if you were making a full pot of coffee. Then pour into the water tank of the coffee maker. Place carafe onto the warming plate and turn coffee maker on and let it perk away.

In no time at all, you will have a full pot of tea.

Using a gallon size pitcher, add 3 full spoonfuls of sugar. I use a large cooking spoon to measure out my sugar.

Pour hot tea into pitcher and stir to dissolve sugar.

Fill pitcher with enough water to make a full gallon. Stir to mix well.

Let stand until cooled and then refrigerate. Serve chilled and enjoy!

Click HERE for printable recipe

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