Thursday, May 14, 2009

When you run out a pantry staple, it's easy to say "put it on the list and I'll get it next time I go to the grocery store." I know I have been guilty of buying something that I know I could have easily made, but because of convenience I bought it anyway. But with that goes good money out the window. Now I realize not everything can easily be "re-created" at home, but there are lots of things that you can make.

For instance, I was out of dried minced onions. So instead of buying them, I decided to make my own. I took a left over onion that I had in the icebox, sliced it about 1/4" thick and placed it in the dehydrator. In the morning I will have dried onions that I will dice up and store in my empty spice bottle. If doing this during the day, allow about 10 hours for them to fully dry. (Using the empty store bought container is great to help reduce waste as well as the fact that the product label is already marked for you to use.)

Dehydrated onions take up less storage space & will keep for a long time. Due to the strong smell of onions, it's advisable not to do any other produce at the same time!

To turn your dried onion into flakes or powder, put them into a food processor or blender & process until ground into the desired size. To create onion salt, mix equal parts salt with finely ground onion powder.

Place in an airtight container & store in a dry, dark & cool place.

Click HERE for printable recipe

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